Best European beauty brands you’ve probably never heard of

There are so many beauty brands out there that it can be difficult to stay on top of them all and now thanks to internet shopping we can practically gain access to them all! If you’re a beauty addict then it is always a good idea to stick to European brands if possible since not only are there stringent laws in place, but they will also not have been tested on animals.

Thanks to European safety laws, there are no hidden nasties in our cosmetics – even North American beauty products can’t compare so when you buy from European brands, you know what you’re buying is safe. Like we said, there’s a whole host of brands out there so here are just a few of our favourites that you’ve probably never heard of.

Wild and Mild (Estonia)

Hailing from the small Baltic country of Estonia, Wild and Mild features a range of nail polishes and accessories. Generally available in the Baltic and Nordic countries, their products of course follow EU regulations meaning that they don’t have ingredients like formaldehyde lurking in them. Their polishes are really reasonably priced (generally a few euros per bottle), and they have got some fantastic shades and effects. From regular to gel, glitter and matt and with names like Arctic Queen, Alaska, Space Lagoon and Night Sky, you’re going to love what’s on offer – in fact they are a bit reminiscent of Essie polishes although thankfully these do come with a better brush! The range also features nail stamps and stampers, stickers and gems so if you’re heading north or east on your hols, keep an eye out for this brand.

Lumene (Finland)

One of Finland’s most popular beauty brands, Lumene comprises a huge range of products from makeup to shower gel and everything in between. With various ranges within the collection, there is one constant; they use ingredients found in Nordic nature as their inspiration. If you love luxurious beauty balms and stylish packaging, then Lumene is well worth checking out. And since they do have different ranges, there will also be one to suit your budget. Find this brand when visiting Scandinavia, or shop online.

Kiko Milano (Italy)

This Italian beauty brand is beginning to make waves and has been expanding its empire throughout the world. Featuring sleek packaging and competitive prices, the charm of this brand lies in the fact that most of its products are made in Italy. For fans of good quality makeup at great prices that is also beautifully packaged, you need to check out Kiko Milano products. It is starting become more easily available in the UK with various locations popping up, so next time you’re hitting the shops, keep a look out for this brand.

It’s always fun to try out new products from different brands so keep make sure you don’t get stuck in a beauty rut by shopping these cool European brands!

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