The most out there beauty treatments

In our pursuit of beauty and pampering, we can be led to try out some pretty fantastic treatments that could be considered a tad excessive by some. From the weird and the wonderful to the downright decadent, our quest for eternal beauty shows no signs of ending any time soon.

Since beauty treatments have been around for thousands and thousands of years, it’s no surprise that there are a few bizarre ones out there. But if they work they work! Here are some of the most bizarre beauty treatments that you can try out for yourself.

Bird poop facials

You might already have heard about this since they have a fair few celebrity fans, and it’s Japan that we have to thank for this particular beauty treatment. Basically the dried droppings of the nightingale are used to create a paste that is then applied to your face. Since it is rich in amino acids, it is said to leave you with silky soft skin. If it was good enough for the geishas, then it could be good enough for us.

Burning Hair

This is a seriously ancient practice that involves tightly twisting strands of hair together before briefly touching the lock with a lighter flame. This practice, although terrifying sounding, is meant to quickly burn off split ends and leave hair looking shinier and healthy. This is one that is definitely best left to the professionals though – DO NOT try this yourself at home for obvious reasons! If you fancy giving it a go, head to a salon that offers this service.

Bull semen hair mask

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is some type of mystical and ancient beauty mask however it was actually invented by a London-based salon! The proteins are meant to be richly moisturising for your hair and scalp and are said to leave your hair looking basically fantastic! We can’t say that we’re entirely convinced though, especially as it’s not the cheapest treatment! We think we’ll stick to beer, eggs and olive oil when it comes to unusual hair masks…

The straw wrap

Unique to a particular hotel in Italy, this wrap involves the guest lying down on a sheet before being completely covered in warm pre-soaked hay. The sheet is then wrapped around the guest who is lowered onto a heated water bed – it’s reputed to sooth aching muscles and relieve joint pain. We can kind of understand this once since it’s heading in the direction of the idea of a sauna, but it’s perhaps not for you if you suffer from hay fever!

Some beauty treatments are only for the bold and adventurous amongst us who are looking for perfection rather than pampering! Would you be brave enough to try some of these out?!


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