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No more boring French manicures!

No more boring French manicures!

Elegant, classic, timeless and quite frankly a bit boring! There is a time and a place for everything but we have to admit that we’re a bit fed up of the classic French manicure. We know it’s a failsafe but we think that it’s time to be a bit more exciting and creative when it comes to what we’re painting on our nails.

With Pinterest, YouTube tutorials and more, inspiration is everywhere and you can keep things as simple or as fancy as you like. Here are a few of our favourite manicure looks that are just a little bit more unexpected.

The matt black two-tone

Keeping things simple is sometimes the best way and if you still want a look that’s elegant and understated then this could be the one for you, and happily it is so easy to achieve! All you’ll need is a base coat, black polish, a top coat and a matt top coat. Nail tip guiders are optional extras that are handy if you’re not great at free painting French tips. Start off with your base coat before painting a couple of thin coats of the black polish. When dry, paint a normal topcoat all over each nail – matt polish tends to work best when it’s painted over a totally smooth surface. When that is completely dry, cover each tip with your tip guide and paint with the matt. Or alternatively you can paint the matt all over then free draw the shiny tip. Easy to do and really sophisticated, we love it.

The half-moon manicure

Forget the tips and instead focus on the cuticles! These types of manicures have become really popular in the last year or two and they are so easy to do too. With some sticky tape, perhaps a little Vaseline to keep your cuticles clean and maybe a gem or two, you don’t need much for this edgy style. Make it two-tone, sparkly, metallic, matt, gel – pretty much whatever you fancy! Just remember to clean around your cuticles well for that clean crisp salon finish.

Galaxy nails

Basically a type of fancy ombre effect, you just need some small pieces of clean makeup sponge, your chosen shades (including a glittery one!), and a top coat. Shades of blue, purple, green, yellow, black, white and even pink can all be built up to give that stunning nebula look. Use tweezers to hold the sponge for precision dabbing as you create your stunning nail art. Remember to finish off with a coat or two of top coat and let it thoroughly dry to avoid smudging or denting.

It’s time to ditch the traditional French manicures and instead turn to nail styles that are just a bit more eye-catching and interesting.

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